Can the world be extended with boards?
A lecture that with inspiration for the strategy work anno 2017 with rapid digitization and disruption on the agenda.

Take a moment and read this word: strategy. Now close your eyes and find a picture of a strategic plan. If what comes up on the retina are thick binders that gathers dust on a shelf next to other thick binders from five to ten years earlier, you are not alone!

The lecture "Can the world be extended with boards" create an understanding of the strategy's story and hereby provides an understanding of why we must find new ways to reinvent our approach to strategy, adapted to the world we live in today. The future is no longer reasonably predictable based on past - in fact, it can be amazingly different. We live in a world which has become a more turbulent place where anyone with a new idea can implement it before you can say A / S and start a trend with a single tweet. When we today meet business leader, we experience a distinctly polarized opinion about the value of, and to have a strategy at all.

What you should ask yourself is:
- How to incorporate it in new times, a modern and contemporary strategy in?
- How long can a strategy row - who are involved?
- Why go wrong 80% of all strategies?

In the lecture, we challenge the classic thinking about how we do it today, and we give the good examples of what works and especially what does not work on the basis of our own experiences.

With origins in these 4 simple ground rules:
# 1 - Strategy is about making choices.
# 2 - Strategy is about increasing our odds for success, not guarantee it.
# 3 - Strategy work combines discipline and creativity.
# 4 - Strategy should be simple, efficient and interesting

We review how modern strategy breaks free of the traditional approach static plans. And shows why that every model is wrong and every strategy is "wrong". Strategy is really a way to help your company to learn what is the "right". Therefore, a strategy must be adaptable. An entrepreneur and boards must give up many of the long-term assumptions. Prepare for quick changes and experiments. Agility as "Put a direction and try it," treat the entire organization as a team

The future requires new methods to clarify and simplify the strategy and give managers a powerful tool. We must become better at making strategy through a series of self-correcting intentional experiments. Strategy requires that you have a clear definition of the company's "Big Why".

Love or hate it - such are the future, Kodak did not understand that the pixels were the future and is now almost wiped out, eat - or be eaten!

The lecture will be held in Danish or English, can be an inspiration within startups your process - but can also be a workshop which gives the opportunity to work with the new-solving tools and methods that we use.

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