Adaptive Strategy "is the new Orange"

The future requires new methods

Can the world be extended with boards?
Take a moment and read this word: strategy. Now close your eyes and find a picture of a strategic plan. If what comes up on the retina are thick binders that gathers dust on a shelf next to other thick binders from five to ten years earlier, you are not alone!

The future requires new methods to clarify and simplify the strategy and give managers a powerful tool. We must become better at making strategy through a series of self-correcting intentional experiments. Strategy requires that you have a clear definition. Strategy is a choice. Strategy is not a long planning document; it is a set of interrelated choice which allows the organization to win in the market they are in.

Disruption and strategy

Again, people today can’t imagine a life without Facebook, sms, e-mail, cell phones and mobilpay, nor a life back to before the big bridges and the extra travel time it cost. A few years back we called it innovation, today is the word "disruption" and has gained ground in the boardroom.

We all know the story on FACEBOOK, but many do not think about them as disruption: But with Facebook's launch of Messenger in 2015, has created a decrease of 38% in the TOs SMS sales in North America in 2017.

Another example is by FUJIFILM disrupter cosmetics industry, it turned out that of the 200,000 chemicals used in Fujifilm core business, there where 4000 anti-oxidants that could be used for cosmetic purposes. The brand, called Astalift.

Love or hate it – It is the future, Kodak did not understand that the pixels were the future and is now almost wiped out, eat - or be eaten!

October 2016